Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Handmade Holidays

Cute, Inexpensive and Easy Holiday Gift Ideas!

With so many special people in our lives, it's hard to afford gifts for everyone during Christmas. It's also equally as difficult to figure out what to get everyone! Handmade gifts are meaningful and will save you some money during the holidays. Here are a collection of our favorites!

Flavored Vodka: Infused vodka is a delicious DIY during the holidays! They make wonderful hostess gifts and are so easy to make. Fill a few mason jars with vodka and add some fresh fruit, leave it in the refrigerator for a few weeks, add some crafty labels and you're ready to gift! Visit Tee-to-Table for more info.

A melt in your mouth treat thats so easy to make! Wooden spoons, melted chocolate and a few sweet toppings. Cute for coworkers or added to a gift basket. Visit Uitpaulineskeuken for more info.

Cookie mixes in jar! One of my absolute favorites. I gave a bunch of these away a few years ago (a pancake mix version) and it was a huge hit! These crafty little gems make it so easy for the non bakers to whip up delicious morsels of yummy treats. Visit Rachel of Following in my shoes for 3 fabulous DIY versions, and she also includes the printables!

Infused Oil: Yum... just yum. This Garlic confit is a slightly more complicated infused oil. You have to heat the garlic in the oil before jarring. The end result is more spectacular and loaded with rich garlic flavor. Visit Food & Style for more info.

Pressed Flower Candle: The scrumptious sent of herbs will fill the room. Find more info on how to here.

DIY Sharpie Mug Recipe: A cute little twist on the initial mug.


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