Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Update! 3 Tips for Wearing the Right Romper

So easy to dress up or down, solid rompers create length, a flattering silhouette and look great on almost any woman.

3 Tips for Wearing the Right Romper

1. Stick to a neutral color. Wild or loud prints are usually seasonal, and will get less wear. Solid colors are versatile, classic and elegant. They are easy to dress up/down and can work well through the seasons.

2. Make sure it's a perfect fit! Most women are hit or miss with rompers. If the waist doesn't hit in the right spot or if it doesn't come off easily, it's usually a deal breaker.

Stay away from the boxiness that can be created when purchasing one that is too small. Make sure the fabric remains loose and draped while cinching the waist. You want to create a feminine silhouette.

3. Have fun with accessories! Solid colored rompers are so versatile. Elevate it with heels and jewels for a night out or match with flats and arm candy for a casual day look.

The solid colored romper is a must have single fashion piece perfect for a variety of occasions.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Need More Brownies

I do close to none of the cooking in my house. I know how to cook, and LOVE cooking... but unfortunately have bigger fish to fry. I do however have the worlds greatest husband who loves cooking and doing the dishes (most of the time). I say absolutely nothing when I find that little bit of crusty cheese still stuck to the edge of the plate. I just scrape it off and thank the good Lord that 1. I didn't have to cook or do the dishes and 2. married a keeper who picks up where I slack in the domestic department. PS I do all the cleaning and share a bathroom with boys... so lets say he has the easy job lol

When I do get in the kitchen, it's usually baking... and pancakes. I make the worlds greatest pancakes. I'll save that for another post. :)

Below are a few picks I'll try out over the next few weeks. My sons birthday is soon, and we have some celebrating to do! But who really needs a reason to make brownies? :)


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Nailspiration

Handpicked nailspiraiton for the sweetest day of the year! Whether you're going to be on a romantic date or home in your PJs, Valentines is the perfect day to show a little extra love.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sweets for your Sweetie!

One of my favorite holidays is almost here, and my birthday also happens to fall on the same day. No one forgets by birthday. In fact, they're reminded of it every single time they step into a store after Christmas... ha! It's Valentines Day! A whole day dedicated to spreading warm hugs to your loved ones. Below are a few things I found while perusing Pinterest this morning. These are things I plan on making for my loves. Crafting and baking, 2 of my favorite things! xo

For more ideas, visit our Pinterest Valentines Day Board!